FEDERALISM – What is federalism all about? How does the plan of our soon 2016 President, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte can affect our country, the lives of the people, and the future generation? What benefits, positive, and negative effects it might bring? Are we ready to accept and apply this? There’s a lot of question arise when Mayor Duterte mentioned in his speech or oration that he is in favor of Federalism. Federalism – is a type of system in a government where the country is headed by a President who is ruling the general needs of a country. Switzerland, Germany, US, Canada, Australia, and India is an example of a country who is in a federal state.

This kind of government is divided into two levels: First is the government for the entire country; and second is the governments at the level of provinces wherein they look after in their particular o certain state, much of the day-to-day. Both of this government, enjoy their power and enjoy being independent to one another. The photo below shows their different roles as an individual and their different roles that they shared to one another:


Their power is equally and rightfully divided. But as we look in the deeper meaning of it and as we compare of what we are now (Democrat-Republicans) and what we will become (Federalists) if Mayor Duterte will implement this:


The photo above shows the difference between Federalist and Republicans.

As a college student, I want to measure on how long will it extent and weigh on what it might bring to us, either positive or negative. And as I study more about this topic, I realize that based on the table being a federalist is so much better than being democratic. Why? Because federalist looks more efficient and convenient for the people who will live in this kind of country; on the other hand, it may lead to becoming overly independent which may lead to being a sloth and ineffective.

There’s a lot of advantages that the government or state will encounter just like having a freedom to form policies, optimum utilization of resources, and being able to innovate and experiment more. But on the other side of it, there is a lot of disadvantages too like having a conflict of authority, might lead to corruption, and uneven distribution of wealth.

So for me, as a college student, it might affect me in a way that it really depends on the mayor of a particular place. I am scared (But I am not saying that I do not have a trust) that the leader might not be that honest to carried his/her role as a leader.  I can see also that it can affect the Philippines more in a negative way. How? First, to those who have a weak region, the leader might not enjoy his power and cannot independently handle the situation well. It might not sustain the general needs of his state and it might be a hindrance to foster the region. Second, it might be a barrier between different countries in developing their relationship or connection. Instead of having an intact country, it might make a misunderstanding between different regions wherein it can develop or rise up into a war that might lead to having a disunited country.

As a future educator, I should not just look on the negative or positive effects only, I should balance and analyze it well on how it might affect me and the future generations. I should also look forward in having a logical mind rather than having a full of intuition in my character. Implementing federalism in a country, I think it can also benefit us, I believe that it cannot affect the culture in different regions. To some extent, it can help the region in enhancing and thriving their place. It will also help the country to maintain and instill the culture and further strengthen their beliefs.

Lastly, I think choosing a system in a country is not the big word here. I strongly believe that the main issue here is our character or attitude towards the situations. The biggest problem that we want to solve in this country is corruption and poverty, but we should remember that it depends on one’s self. Being lazy and apathetic to our environment, lack of knowledge, and having a little education is the cause of corruption and poverty. If we really want this country to thrive, we should start on ourselves.


Inlove or In love?

In dictionary: INLOVE means – a strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person, as that arising from kinship or close friendship. But what does it take to be IN LOVE?


In love it takes a listener to make the relationship work…

One key in having a successful relationship is leaning to listen to one another.

There are times when we tend to experience a complex situation in life such as, 

being unable to choose who to love between two people.

According to Bob Ong, “Why choose to be a part-time lover

when one genuine love is more than enough?” 

As a piece of advice: If you’re gonna pick between two people, choose the second one,

WHY? Because you will not love another person if you truly love the first one.


In love it takes risks…

In life, when we love someone, we invest our time and emotions to a person

but it doesn’t mean that it will guarantee you a happy ending. 

 Think that what you see in the movies are not the same with real life.

When we love someone, when we do things in the name of love: REMEMBER – 

you will only be happy if you will learn to accept that it is not your heart, mind, intestine, or kidney who has a fault… BUT YOU ITSELF.


In love we fight for everything or anything…

Risking and fighting in the name of love is two the same thing that is interconnected,

in zillions of people in the world… how many individuals have a gut to fight for the one we

love despite the world going against us?

Sometimes in being alone in a fight, it is not feeling lonely or being scared is the big issue





In love we tend to change…

We tend to change, either in a  positive way or in a negative way.

Love can either make you a better person or make your life miserable.

It is just a choice of an individual whether he or she will take the relationship as an

optimist or  a pessimist.

According to a blog of Bob Ong, If you’re the type of person who sees every failed

relationship as a learning experience, you’ll reap positive results. On the other hand,

pessimists usually see their self-esteem going downhill after each breakup.

In love, sometimes it is not the person  who is hard to forget; but the person you became because of him.

As an piece of advice again: REMEMBER that whatever we choose in life, love is a God-sent. CHERISH IT. SAVOR IT. AND LEARN FROM IT.


In love we should realize that true love is beyond superficial…

There are people who tend to look in the physical appearance of an individual,

but in real life it doesn’t matter how dumb or good-looking you are

—as long as your love is sincere, it’s definitely worth fighting for.maxresdefault (1)

In love we should also use our head…

Even when we are the kind of person that tends to attached easily,

we should not be a moron or a martyr when it comes to love.

Love doesn’t mean giving up our common sense

Love is also a balance between our logic and emotion.


Inuutakan – is for people who doesn’t have a good character, good value  and good

intentions; on the other hand – it is more on keeping the true essence of reality and being



But in order to do all this things in the name of love, learn to let go what is needed to let go. Never sacrifice your sanity for someone who doesn’t deserve your love in the first place. Learn how to let go and respect your limits no matter what.

Give love a chance and be loyal or stick to one – everyone goes through a difficult phase before finding that one, true love. Failure is normal but it should never be a hindrance in loving someone who is truly right for us, or who is destined to be our partner (in God’s time and way). Remember that people are not the same, they might have the same mistakes but think of it that it is just a coincidence and learn from it and have a new, fresh, and beautiful start again. 

maxresdefault (2).jpg

To be a Victoria’s Secret Angel

What it takes to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel?


It takes 30% luck and 70% for the looks. It is not just about the looks, but also your features. 

It requires 5’9 height and a body proportion of 34-24-34; a sexy body that you’re comfortable and full of confident to ramp with; and lastly a Victoria’s Secret Angel attitude.


According to Daniel Grandl, there is what so-called 10 Commandments of Being a VS Angel:


  1. Thou shalt always be ready. Welcome to Little Victoria’s Secret!Always. There are never any exceptions. You show up hair and makeup ready to get on a plane. You wear heels everywhere (the only exception is when working out) and you are always game for a photo. I failed at this. 
  2. Thou shalt have a variety of poses. The unofficial Victoria’s Secret Angel poses include but are not limited to: kissy face, blowing a kiss, peace sign, “hands up in the air I’m having the best time ever,” HUGE smile and wink.
  3. Thou shalt own your personality. Hill says, “I love to be myself. I am not that quiet girl. I’m an American. I will scream at a football game. That’s me. I will eat a fucking turkey. I cuss a lot. I need to watch my mouth because I don’t think that’s allowed. I’m not an Angel yet. I’m in the kids section. I don’t know what I’m doing.” Yeah, me either.
  4. Thou shalt work (and werk) all the time. This includes work, working out, and werking. Angels are always on. Fans are constantly coming up to them and asking for photos. They always oblige.
  5. Thou shalt not cheat. Hill says, “When you are a model, this is what you work for. This is what you work so hard to do. It makes the working out and going to bed early and eating right so worth it because you feel cleaner and healthier and happier anyway
  6. Thou shalt be focused. It is easy to lose sight of goals, especially with the holidays coming up and people shoving all kinds of cookies in your face. But Angels have their eyes on the prize.
  7. Thou shalt keep calm. Stress is my middle name. Adriana Lima told me that she likes to meditate before the runway.
  8. Thou shalt honor your wings. “You know how long it look me to get wings? Like 15 years” Isabeli Fontana tells me. I did not earn my wings. I bought them at a costume shop in Union Square and brought them to London. Hey, you can’t say I’m not committed. The wings are special. Taylor doesn’t have wings in this year’s show but it’s definitely a goal for all Angels. How do you know you’re an Angel if you don’t have wings?
  9. Thou shalt act like an Angel. Attitude is everything. During the backstage madness before the show, every single Victoria’s Secret model was gracious and wonderful at all times. Truly angelic.
  10. Thou shalt honor thy other Angels. Victoria’s Secret is a family. It’s sort of like a really gorgeous mafia family where Adriana Lima is the godfather, and once you’re in, you’re in. Because of the grueling casting process and the next-level production of the show, there are no egos once you make it there. Everyone treats each other with the utmost respect. “All the girls who are Victoria’s Secret girls, they are not just pretty faces,” Hill says. “If you sit down with them they will surprise you by what they would say.”

To Travel is to…

“To travel is to move, to breath, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.”

-Hans Christian Anderson


As the steward or stewardess say the last announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to — Airport. Local time is — and the temperature is —

For your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the Captain turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign. 

Please check around your seat for any personal belongings you may have brought on board with you and please use caution when opening the overhead bins, as heavy articles may have shifted around during the flight.

If you require deplaning assistance, please remain in your seat until all other passengers have deplaned. One of our crew members will then be pleased to assist you.

On behalf of ??? Airlines and the entire crew, I’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice day/evening/night/stay!” 

We all know that this is where the journey begins. A journey towards a new life, new things to conquer, new zone, new environment, and new place to learn new things such as enculturation. Journey is not merely about having fun, spending money, bonding with your family or friends, and other more; we should look in a deeper meaning of it that it is another way to learn and experience different things. As a blogger, student, and a future educator I think it’s a must to go out of your comfort zone and explore or experience different things. This is where we will be able to experience education trip wherein we have while learning new things.

But first, let us all address the most basic or major problem that all travelers-wanna be have in their mind: “I simply don’t have enough money to travel.”  According to Nomadic Matt, one of the top 50 bloggers about travelling, we don’t have to be rich to travel.

I subscribe to his idea that having an insufficient amount does not mean it hinders us from travelling to one place to another. Being a traveler, I think travelling doesn’t always literally means from Philippines to Canada or India to South Africa. It doesn’t have to be a from one country to another. Going out of town or going from city to province is also considered as traveling. As I said earlier, traveling should not be just about having fun but also learning; and based on my experience, I’ve traveled a lot to different places and I know in myself that I’ve learned so much especially learning the different culture of different places and their variations to one another.

I’ve been to a lot of places but I’m going to give or suggest 3 places which is my top 3 favorite where in it is also recommended by some top bloggers and journalist.

  1. Laguna -Pagsanjan Falls

    It is one of the biggest attraction in Laguna and there are two ways to get there: first, by taking a river raft and second, is through a vertical trek that will have you climbing up stairs and rappelling. Once you reach the falls, you can take a dip or simply enjoy the sight of the waters. It will both give you an opportunity to have fun and enjoy.

  2. Pampanga – Clark

    Pampanga is one of the most historical places in the Philippines, it does not only give you opportunity to have fun but also learn the pre-historic times and how the Spaniards lead the Philippines for such a long time.

  3. Quezon – Kamay ni Hesus

    Finally, is the Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon where you can explore different things especially the Garden of Adam and Eve, learn what happen in Jesus Christ before his resurrection, reflect on your attitudes towards different aspects, and praise God for all the things he had done for us.

There’s a lot more to learn in life and travelling is part of it where we can learn while having fun. So why go out of your comfort zone and have fun and learn for the rest of your life.